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This is a true tale of a teenage girl who, in 1983, refused to go to school and became a ward of Quebec’s juvenile system, eventually making her way to The Farm. It questions the use of incarceration as a means of dealing with youth protection cases, and it offers a rare glimpse inside one of Quebec’s oldest juvenile detention centres.

Beyond the book

The Shawbridge Boys Farm, just north of Montreal Quebec, has been reforming children for more than a hundred years. Thousands of stories can be collected from the children, adults, and seniors who have lived on “The Farm”.  To learm more you will find links to other stories and resources here.

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Slave to the farm is available in both Paperback and Ebook formats.

Slave to the Farm Book


Meet the author, Erika Tafel

Erika Tafel lives in the Southern Okanagan of British Columbia with her husband and two daughters.  They live off-grid using solar power and are in the process of building an underground home, which is the subject of her next book.  She publishes a magazine, The Wayward Dog, and is a community activist with a strong belief in social justice issues.

"Connections and First Class Press are proud to unveil a new Non-Fiction book by Erika Tafel.  'Slave To The Farm' is a gritty and frank account of growing up as a ward of Quebec's juvenile system."

- Connections: Algonquin College


Dedicated to the memory of Michele Thibault, Tina Poux, Christina Cain, and Tiffany Mackenzie, the four young girls who lost their lives in the Le Village fire on January 19, 1990.

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